daily pearl

spending all day stomping through the rain to land some lovely lemon cake for dessert


beach bumming

by thursday I'll once again be on the beach, bumming away with a book & a back covered in salty sand. gearing up for a great spring, all I want is to channel those easy breezy beach babe styles : flowy, fun & full of optimism. what would you wear for a day in the sun & sand?

beach bumming

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daily pearl 4.3

today I stumbled upon this stylish springtime new yorker. easy & effortless. 
can't wait to create my life there come graduation! 


daily pearl 1.2

as the tag of this lovely little blog suggests I am : 

dedicated to finding the pearl in every day

this means that in each day, there is something stellar. be it small or spectacular. gracious or grand. each day that there is has something good or great. there are bad days & drab days & incredibly horrendous days, but I believe if you search there's something sweet to be said amongst it all. what pearls did you find today?